About me

Frustrated by the lack of in-depth information about adult orthodontics, I started researching all that I could find so that when I started my own treatment, would be in a good position to understand all the options available to me. My own adult orthodontic adventure started in May 2013 and many of the posts reflect my experiences of wearing braces as an adult. In February 2017, I was delighted to receive an invitation to join the British Orthodontic Society Patient Panel. The site contains a wide variety of posts about orthodontics and adult braces together with links to many other great blogs and websites. I hope you enjoy reading the posts.


How can you help?

Write an article for the site

I am always looking for new and interesting content and if you would like to write an article about your experiences with braces, working as a member of an orthodontic team or anything else that may be of interest to adults considering or undergoing orthodontic treatment then please get in touch.  You will get a full mention (unless you do not want this) and a link will be provided to your own site.

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If you would like to support what I am hoping to achieve with this resource, please consider promoting the site to your patients and colleagues and in doing so, we can all raise awareness of the benefits of adult orthodontics.

Create some opportunities for me

It has been really interesting learning about this fascinating topic and I would like to extend my knowledge of orthodontics.  If you would like to invite me to an event, or provide me with an opportunity to learn some more about this topic, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you

I am hugely grateful to all those who have helped me to learn more about adult orthodontics and to develop this site.

Dr Megan Hatfield, Dr Angus Pringle, The British Orthodontic Society, Caroline Holland, Dr Raman Aulakh, Tracy Posner, Invisalign UK, Dr Asif Chatoo and the staff at the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic, SureSmile, Dr Paroo Mistry, Dr Lucy-Jane Harris, Dr Richard George, BOS Consultant Orthodontic Group, Sarah MacDonald, Dr Simon Littlewood, Philips UK