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If you are thinking about getting braces, have just started wearing them, have had them for some time or are just interested in orthodontics, this site will be of interest to you.  It contains articles on everything from traditional metal braces to the latest lingual braces, Invisalign, invisible braces, clear brackets, retainers, how to get by with braces, the latest advances in orthodontics, new products and services, dental news and exhibitions. There are also links to some great adult braces blogs and video’s, articles written by orthodontists, orthodontic staff and patients, orthodontic academic research and opinion as well as plenty of general information about what it is like to undertake adult orthodontics and how to survive wearing braces.

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What’s on the blog

Wearing braces

Find out what it is really like to have braces as an adult


You will find a large number of posts about braces helping you to make an informed decision about treatment


You can get a fascinating insight into the people who work in orthodontics


Find out about the different types of braces from people who have already undertaken orthodontic treatment


Are aligners an alternative to traditional braces, find out more


Read some great posts from other bloggers who have written about their braces experiences


Learn about the different types of retainers and what your options might be

News and Research

Articles about orthodontics, services, practices, evidence based orthodontics and treatments

Options and choices

Discover all the options for orthodontic treatment to help you make the right decision

Latest blog posts

Making whitening trays

After my chair side Zoom teeth whitening last week, I travelled to the dental lab where my trays were to be made to watch the process. The same process is followed for making 'Essix' retainers so I was interested to learn about the steps involved. Impressions were...

Self ligating brackets

If you are thinking about getting braces and have been doing your research you may have seen that some braces systems are 'self-ligating'. This means that the arch wire is held on with a clever mechanism in the bracket negating the need for elastic 'O' rings. There...

A 6 Months Smile update from Liza

Liza has been posting on her progress with 6 Month Smiles and in her latest video she talks about her experiences and the benefits of getting braces as an adult. Her video's are well worth watching and I have posted links to the others below. Why I Got Braces Braces 1...

A braces blog from Jade

Jade has recently started blogging about her experiences with adult braces. Although only just started, she describes why she wanted to get braces and the reasons behind her decision to not have Invisalign or clear brackets and to get metal brackets instead. I look...

Philips Zoom whitening

Ever since having my braces removed last year, I have wanted to get my teeth whitened. There are, of course, many ways to whiten teeth from using high powered electric toothbrushes, various whitening toothpastes, home whitening solutions and services provided in chair...

Invisalign – weekly aligner changes

Invisalign have announced that they are now allowing dental practitioners to offer their patients one-week aligner wear instead of the previously recommended two-week changes, allowing shorter treatment time. Previously, the custom-made aligners were always...

Better teeth for life

The British Orthodontic Society have launched a new guide 'Better Teeth for Life' which highlights the positive impact that orthodontic treatment can have on both oral health and emotional wellbeing The guide also provides practical tips on a patient’s role in...

Twitter #adultbraces

Searching on Twitter for #adultbraces reveals a fascinating insight into the world of adult orthodontics. Whilst nowhere near as many posts as #retainers, the posts generally seem to be really positive with many adults excited about the prospect of getting their teeth...

An Invisalign blog from Hayley

Following a link on Twitter, I came across another great blog, this time written by Hayley on her Invisalign treatment. Hayley has just started with Invisalign and has written two posts, the first covering her reasons for wanting to get braces as an adult and why she...

Faster orthodontic treatment

I'm sure one of the most pressing questions adult patients have at the start of orthodontic treatment is 'how long will my treatment take?' This may very well be a deciding factor in assessing whether to undertake full orthodontic treatment or a short term orthodontic...

Orthodontic treatment improves quality of life!

As someone who has recently undertaken orthodontic treatment I can confidently say that I have experienced so many benefits from having braces. These have included improved confidence, an improved oral health regime and better selfies! In a recent post, Prof. Kevin...

A new braces blog from Lisa

Lisa has recently started with braces as an adult and has posted a really informative video on her first few weeks with braces together with advice on what foods to avoid and how to keep your teeth in great shape during orthodontic treatment. Lisa commented that she...

Twitter #retainers

Social media provides a great insight into many topics and orthodontics is no exception. It always amazes me how many tweets about braces are posted every day so I thought I would do a series of posts about what I have discovered so far. This post is all about...

A new braces blog from Lydia

Lydia has recently started with fixed upper and lower braces and has produced a really nice video that explains how she has found the first couple of months. She also makes some great suggestions as to what you need to get to make life with braces easier....

Orthodontic Therapy

Orthodontic therapy By Sarah Macdonald DipOrthTher RCSEd I often wonder, If i wasn’t straightening teeth, what on earth else would I be doing? For me this is the dream job, hands on, technical work, willing patients (mostly) and an enthusiastic team around me. But it...

Rachel has finished her treatment

Rachel, who writes the engaging 'a nesting nomad' travel blog has finished her lingual braces treatment and in this final instalment, describes the de-bonding process and the fitting of her retainers. It's been great following her progress and if you are thinking...

Orthodontic X-Rays – by Dr. Paroo Mistry – Part 2

In part two of her article, Dr Paroo Mistry looks at two other X-Rays that may be taken when planning orthodontic treatment. Part one can be viewed here Upper Standard Occlusal This X-ray is taken with the same X-ray machine used to take bitewings and periapicals,...

How do braces work?

In this simple but informative video, you get to see how braces work and the process of bone remodelling taking place as your teeth move. https://youtu.be/6zzA4BU2e58  

A coffee with Dr Richard George

n a new series of posts, I’m interviewing orthodontists around the UK and posing questions that patients may like to ask. To start, I’m delighted to introduce you to Dr Richard George.

How lingual braces are fitted

In this informative video produced by 3M and Dr Steffen Decker, you can see all the steps involved in the indirect bonding of lower lingual Incognito braces. https://youtu.be/NcsVgWs0mlo

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