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If you are thinking about getting braces, have just started wearing them, have had them for some time or are just interested in orthodontics, this site will be of interest to you.  It contains articles on everything from traditional metal braces to the latest lingual braces, Invisalign, invisible braces, clear brackets, retainers, how to get by with braces, the latest advances in orthodontics, new products and services, dental news and exhibitions. There are also links to some great adult braces blogs and video’s, articles written by orthodontists, orthodontic staff and patients, orthodontic academic research and opinion as well as plenty of general information about what it is like to undertake adult orthodontics and how to survive wearing braces.

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What’s on the blog

Wearing braces

Find out what it is really like to have braces as an adult


You will find a large number of posts about braces helping you to make an informed decision about treatment


You can get a fascinating insight into the people who work in orthodontics


Find out about the different types of braces from people who have already undertaken orthodontic treatment


Are aligners an alternative to traditional braces, find out more


Read some great posts from other bloggers who have written about their braces experiences


Learn about the different types of retainers and what your options might be

News and Research

Articles about orthodontics, services, practices, evidence based orthodontics and treatments

Options and choices

Discover all the options for orthodontic treatment to help you make the right decision

Latest blog posts

Looking after your team member with braces

During a catch up with a former colleague in London recently, they mentioned that two of their team members will be getting braces in the near future. We chatted about how she can best support them and on the way back to my hotel, jotted down a few notes that I hope...

Jessica’s great video on Six-Month Smiles

For a while I've been following Jessica and Claudia on YouTube. They produce some great videos that include a wide variety of topics including disability and LGBT issues, lifestyle, travel and days out. All the videos are produced with a really interesting 'vintage'...

Promoting lifelong retainer wear

The British Orthodontic Society have recently launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging patients to think about lifelong wearing of retainers. Using the hashtag #HoldthatSmile, the Society aims to increase awareness of the need to continue wearing retainers long...

Do you want to learn about dentistry?

I was recently made aware of a great free course delivered by the University of Sheffield Dental School for anyone interesting in learning more about dentistry. Keen to find out more, I signed up for the course and have just completed week two. The course is delivered...

Are braces comfortable?

In a blog post today, Prof. Kevin O'Brien reviewed a study that looked at whether Invisalign aligners were more comfortable than conventional fixed braces. This started me thinking about the whole concept of braces and comfort and can you ever be comfortable whilst...

Braces travel kit

Soon after you get fixed braces, you will quickly realise that before leaving the house, you will need to take a small supply of essential dental products with you. Over time, this kit gets more refined until you take just the minimum you need to get by on a daily...

A coffee with Dr. Paroo Mistry

In another great interview, I talk to Dr. Paroo Mistry about her enthusiasm for orthodontics and working with motivated patients.

Removing braces in Photoshop

I came across this video the other evening when looking for a tutorial on using Adobe Photoshop to edit some images and thought it worth sharing for anyone who wants to have a go at removing their braces from photos. When being treated by aligners or lingual braces,...

Retention video from the British Orthodontic Society

I've often written about the importance of retention and I'm delighted to see that the British Orthodontic Society have produced an excellent video to support their new retention campaign #HoldthatSmile.  It's only a couple of minutes long and well worth watching....

It’s not what you eat

It's been a good year for apples. Our apple tree is full this year as are many of those in the orchards near our home. Sitting in the garden this afternoon after work I was thinking back to some great advice my orthodontist gave me the day I had my braces fitted, he...

The Northcroft Masks

At a recent event at the British Orthodontic Society headquarters in London, I was privileged to see the Northcroft Masks. I had heard about these before and was very much looking forward to the opportunity to see them and learn more about them and the dentist who...

Why do patients stop wearing their retainers?

Given the time and money adults invest in getting treatment and the ease of fitting retainer wear schedules into a busy life, you would think that adult patients would be incredibly compliant but is this the case?

Orthodontic technology is fascinating

I was recently invited by my orthodontist to have my teeth scanned to keep a digital record on file so that retainers can be manufactured in the future without the need to undergo more alginate impressions. This will also mean that if I lose my retainers and can't get...


If you are getting braces or an appliance to support your orthodontic treatment such as a TPA, there is a good change you will have bands on your back teeth rather than brackets. Bands are, as they sound, thin metal bands that are cemented to your teeth to provide...

A braces blog from Laura

Laura Wood has written a number of posts on her experience with Damon braces including a great post on tips for surviving braces.

Oral hygiene and orthodontics

In her second article, Orthodontic Therapist, Sarah MacDonald, discusses the important topic of oral hygiene and orthodontics.

A coffee with Dr. Asif Chatoo

In a fascinating interview discussing architecture to digital orthodontics, Dr Asif Chatoo shares his thoughts on lingual orthodontics.

A braces blog update from Jade

In her second blog post, Jade has written about what she has learned from braces so far. Many of her points resonate strongly with my experiences so if you are thinking about getting braces as an adult and are not sure what to expect in the first month, her post is...

Making whitening trays

After my chair side Zoom teeth whitening last week, I travelled to the dental lab where my trays were to be made to watch the process. The same process is followed for making 'Essix' retainers so I was interested to learn about the steps involved. Impressions were...

Self ligating brackets

If you are thinking about getting braces and have been doing your research you may have seen that some braces systems are 'self-ligating'. This means that the arch wire is held on with a clever mechanism in the bracket negating the need for elastic 'O' rings. There...

A 6 Months Smile update from Liza

Liza has been posting on her progress with 6 Month Smiles and in her latest video she talks about her experiences and the benefits of getting braces as an adult. Her video's are well worth watching and I have posted links to the others below. Why I Got Braces Braces 1...

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