Your initial consultation is an opportunity for your orthodontist to properly examine your teeth and jaws and to discuss with you a likely treatment plan. To provide them with sufficient information to make decisions about what they can do for you, it is likely that they will take an impression of your teeth, an X-Ray and closely examine the alignment of your teeth. You may also find that photographs are taken as a visual record of what your teeth look like before starting treatment.

This initial appointment is your opportunity to discuss your thoughts and fears about treatment and to determine what options are available to you. Don’t be afraid to ask about any aspect of your proposed treatment you are unsure about and try to find out what can realistically be achieved during your treatment. Your orthodontist will be used to dealing with anxious or inquisitive patients and should happily answer all your questions. If you think you might forget to ask something, make a note of it before you leave home and refer to your list during the appointment.

You may also find orthodontic therapists, nurses and reception staff a useful source of information so take some time to chat to them as well whilst you are there. And if you think of a great question after you have left the appointment, either go back whilst it is still fresh in your mind or call them once you get home.

After the orthodontist has reviewed your treatment plan, they may write to you to confirm what this will involve together with details of the cost and any payment schedule you will need to adhere to. You should study this carefully and query anything you are unsure about. You may be required to visit your own dentist for non orthodontic work such as extractions as part of your treatment plan but this would have been explained to you during your consultation.