Invisalign is a removable brace that moves teeth through the use of clear aligners which are changed every few weeks. At the start of your treatment, accurate moulds are taken of your teeth and these are sent to a laboratory which produces a series of clear aligners for the duration of your treatment. Each aligner is slightly different and over the course of several months, your teeth are moved into their new position.

The aligners are clear and very discreet so it is unlikely that anyone will know you are undertaking orthodontic treatment. Being removable, they can be taken out for eating and for occasions when you do not wish to wear them but for them to work properly, you will need to wear them almost full time, around 22 hours per day, and should follow the schedule prepared by your orthodontist.

Depending on what movement is required, you may have small attachment points bonded to one of more teeth. These have been described a looking like small clear or tooth coloured grains of rice and will help the aligner grip certain teeth to achieve the required new position.

New aligner trays will feel snug at first and your teeth may be slightly tender for a short while but as your teeth move to their new position, this will become less noticeable. Invisalign aligners should not be worn for eating and drinking so you will find yourself taking them out and replacing them again during the course of the day but remember where you have put them, many blogs report them being left in napkins only to be discarded by mistake!

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