Orthodontics is a specialist dental treatment carried out to address irregularities of the teeth and jaws. This can be to fix a poor bite which is resulting in additional wear and tear on teeth, headaches and pain from poorly aligned teeth and aesthetic changes to improve appearance. Something else to consider is that crowded teeth are much harder to keep clean and there may be a risk of tooth decay requiring additional routine dental treatment.

The treatment is usually carried out by an orthodontist, often in a specialist dental practice or at a clinic in a hospital. Orthodontists undergo a long training programme before they are able to practice orthodontics and are assisted by a team of specialist orthodontic nurses and therapists. Orthodontic treatment may also be carried out by a dentist who does not hold the ‘orthodontic’ speciality and a lot more practices appear to be offering adult orthodontic treatment alongside other cosmetic dental procedures.

Depending on where you live, there may be a wide choice of practices to choose from or you may need to travel to receive the treatment you are looking for. In some areas, there may be very few specialist orthodontists and those practices may have long waiting lists. In this case, you may have to consider the merits of travelling against waiting for treatment or seeking treatment from a non specialist dentist offering orthodontics.