‘Six month smiles’ is a short term orthodontic system that uses clear fixed brackets and tooth coloured wires to straighten teeth over a four to nine month period. It is designed to appeal to adults by both offering quick treatment times and a discreet brace that isn’t too noticeable.

After moulds of your teeth have been taken, these are sent to a lab which will position the brackets in a tray so that your dentist can apply them together in one process. The system is not designed for complex tooth movements over a long period of time but is likely to be suitable for the majority of people looking for an improved cosmetic appearance.

The Six Month Smiles website gives a great deal of information about the benefits of this system as well as details about the training programme dentists attend before being able to offer this type of brace and is well worth a look if you are thinking about having a Six Month Smiles brace fitted.

Their website can be accessed here