One of the many things I like about London is all the interesting places to visit.  When talking about museums it’s easy to think about the large well known ones such as the Natural History or Science Museum but what about all the little ones dotted around London that aren’t quite so well known?

The British Dental Association in Wimpole Street has a small dental museum which is open for two afternoons a week and although not very big, contains some fascinating items.  My eye was caught by the collection of orthodontic headgear they had and what surprised me was just how little things had changed over the years.  The materials used today are certainly different but the overall technique of using a face bow and some form of elastic behind the head hasn’t changed in principle.  Even the molar bands and expanders displayed, although a lot more bulky than they are today, bore a striking resemblance to the techniques still in use.

Of particular mention are the super staff who work at the museum and library and I was very grateful for the help they provided me when I asked for assistance trying to locate information about the history of orthodontics.

So if you are in the vicinity of Oxford Street / Bond Street, take a short walk to Wimpole Street and take a look at the museum, it’s well worth a visit.

Details of the museum can be found here