In the theme of the previous post about the things you would like to say to your friends about wearing braces, I thought I would add another one aimed at our orthodontists:

You are not just straightening our teeth, you are improving our confidence and self esteem in more ways than you know.

Involve us in the treatment planning as it will help us to better understand what is going on.

Please do not describe IPR as a ‘tickling sensation’.  It will take less than a second to realise this isn’t the most accurate description.

Make time for our questions, you may have heard them before but its all new to us.

Let us know what you are doing so it doesn’t come as a surprise.

If we don’t get the answers we are looking for from you, we will use Google.

An hour on YouTube will make us experts on adult orthodontics.

It can be a lonely experience, think about organising some patient networking events.

It is not just the end result we are interested in, it’s the journey as well.

A stained elastic is an orthodontic emergency to us.

It has taken a lot of courage to walk through your door for the first time, make us feel welcome.

When assessing your practice we are only looking for two things; reasons to stay and reasons to walk away.

We appreciate honesty above everything else.

Please consider involving us in your staff 360 appraisal, you may learn something about what goes on behind your back.

We generally don’t mind what you do as long as you discuss it with us first.

Adult brace wearers are the best marketing tool you have.

Our 20 minute appointment is probably the only time we have had to ourselves all week, please make us feel valued.

We don’t always know how to describe what’s bothering us, we will get there if you are patient with us.

Can you think of anything else to add?