And just so orthodontic nurses and therapists don’t feel left out, here is my note to them:

We are envious that you get your elastics changed every week and can party at weekends without having to worry about the consequences for another month.

Why do braces always look so much better on you than us?

We love it when you get to know us and chat to us during our appointments.

When we are a little uncertain about choosing coloured modules, we are looking for you to encourage us to throw caution to the wind.

Please check for sharp pokey wires before letting us go.

If we ask you the same question we asked the orthodontist five minutes ago, its because we didn’t understand the answer and didn’t want to look stupid.

Although you may not be directly involved in our appointment, we really appreciate all the hard work you do.

It’s ok to tell us our teeth are looking great.

We don’t like surprises, please tell us what you are about to do.

It’s ok to laugh at our stupidity.

Impressions really are the worst 45 seconds of our life but appreciate its 45 seconds of peace and quiet for you.

We are envious that your treatment seems to finish so much quicker than ours.

In all the excitement, we will probably forget to ask for more elastics, please feel free to remind us.

We are more likely to confide in you than the orthodontist.


Can you think of anything else to add to the list?