There is nothing like the smell of spices roasting in a pan ready for the fresh ingredients to be added to make a delicious curry.  It’s one of those meals that is terrific all year round either cooked at home or eating out with friends.  Unfortunately it is also not very braces friendly as I found out to my horror.

I knew curry had the potential to stain clear elastics (the sort that hold the arch wire to your brackets or power chains that stretch between your brackets to close spaces) and had pretty much steered clear of curry since getting braces other than the occasional harmless Thai curry close to the date of an adjustment but unfortunately on one occasion, simply forgot.

I was going out for dinner with a senior colleague and we ended up going for a curry (it was the only restaurant open after the event we attended).  It was an enjoyable meal to end a successful trip and it was only when I returned to the hotel that I discovered that all my elastics had turned a most luminous yellow colour!  It didn’t matter how much I cleaned my teeth, the staining remained much to my embarrassment.

Luckily my orthodontist was able to help me out at really short notice (I was due to travel to Italy for meetings and presentations the following day) and a quick appointment was arranged to have the elastics changed.

So the lesson learned from this experience is that if you want to eat curry, do so immediately before an adjustment!

Image: © Ramon Grosso / Fotolia