I have just come across another Invisalign blog that takes a light hearted look at the process of getting and having Invisalign.

For a peek of what you might expect from this blog, I have copied a great description of the process of getting impressions below:

The impressions are basically like a mold of your teeth. How do you get these impressions? Think gum shield with a handle, like a mini frying pan. Filled with gunky putty that sets after about 3 minutes. The putty isn’t pleasant, neither is the gum shield frying pan (I’m sure there is a technical and official name for this) in your mouth! At this stage the advice I would give is focus on your breathing. It’s fairly easy to panic a little at this point, I did. Admittedly it is pretty tricky to focus on your breathing with a gum shield frying pan in your mouth, I’m starting to think this is just called a tray.

You can view the blog here