It is easy to think that our orthodontists are the ones who are putting in all the work to give us straight teeth and that as a patient we have a passive role to play in the process.  This isn’t strictly true as any orthodontic treatment is a partnership between the skill of the orthodontist and the willingness of the patient.  This article looks at some of the things that we, as patients, can do to help our orthodontist produce the great result we are expecting at the end of our treatment.  This is my tick list that every good patient should follow:

  • Turn up to appointments on time
  • Follow instructions
  • Wear our elastics as directed
  • Avoid foods that can break brackets and bend wires
  • Report any problems promptly
  • Take an interest in our treatment
  • Keep our teeth scrupulously clean
  • Make sure we visit our dentist regularly
  • Wear our retainers as directed

Do you have anything else to add to the list?