In just a few days time, my braces will be coming off so I have been giving some thought as to what I’m looking forward to.  Here is my list.

What I’m looking forward to after my braces come off

curry, tomato based pasta sauces, salted nuts, crusty bread, red wine, pretzels, toffee… in fact any food that I have been avoiding since starting

having a lovely smile and stable bite

retainers and the inevitable lisp

a renewed sense of confidence and self worth

telling everyone how brilliant the experience was

And not having to…

clean my teeth after every meal

worry about staining my clear power chains

constantly check all the brackets were still attached after eating crunchy, crusty and sticky food

check I have nothing stuck in my braces every time I eat

take endless braces selfies

Keep checking for tiny movements

worry about elastics pinging off in public

tactfully explain why I can’t eat something

try to discreetly clean my teeth in public places

carry a toothbrush everywhere I go

think about camera flashes