Following my previous post about this great electric toothbrush, I contacted the Philips aftercare team to ask about the short battery life.  After taking some basic details from me and verifying my serial number they sent me an email asking me to return the brush to them for replacement.  A few days later a new brush arrived in the post and I have been using this one for several months now.

I’m delighted to report the issue with battery life has gone away and the brush, although not quite living up to the three week claim, is good for use for around ten days between charges.  I think that if you used one of the gentler settings and cleaned your teeth for just two minutes twice a day you would very likely go for around three weeks between charges but ten days is still very good considering the power of this brush.

I have already detailed how great I found this electric toothbrush, particularly as a brace wearer, but what has really impressed me was the excellent after sales care from Philips who responded to my concerns quickly and arranged for a replacement without question.

Well done Philips!