I was recently invited to an event hosted by the British Orthodontic Society to launch their new guide on orthodontics for adults.  Prior to the main presentation, I had the opportunity to speak to Alison Murray, the President of BOS and Guy Deeming, the Chair of the Orthodontic Specialist Group about a number of issues affecting the decisions adults make when choosing orthodontic treatment and the confusion faced by many over which treatment option to pursue.

It was clear that patients are faced with far more choices than just a few years ago and can now seek orthodontic treatment from their dentist as well as a specialist orthodontist using a number of products that have been introduced and well marketed in the UK in recent years.  This has lead, on occasion, to a number of complaints being received by the BOS in relation to treatment received and expectations not being met.  The new guide is aimed at raising awareness of adult orthodontics and the event, which was attended by many different organisations, was to launch this new resource.

The BOS Guide: Orthodontics for Adults – is a resource designed for adult patients to read before they see their dentist or orthodontist and in four sections covers the why, how, where and who of orthodontics.  To accompany the guide, BOS also commissioned a short video featuring Professor Tim Newton which provides advice to patients about questions to ask prior to seeking orthodontic treatment.

The guide is easy to read and covers a number of key points about motivation for seeking treatment, the types of braces available, different types of dental problems, where treatment can be sought, the risks and limitations of short term orthodontics and who can provide orthodontics in the UK.  I found the guide a useful reference and it is well worth reading along with viewing the accompanying video if you are thinking about getting braces.

You can view the guide here