I attended an event in London last week and was delighted to meet Charlotte who has recently finished her lingual brace treatment at the well respected London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic under the care of Asif Chatoo.  Her blog is a detailed account of her treatment with lingual braces on her top teeth and clear aligners on her bottom set.

I have really enjoyed reading Charlotte’s blog and recommend it to anyone thinking about lingual braces. Here is an extract from her blog on her thoughts about braces:

Why I like lingual

Maybe it’s just that certain systems suit different people or maybe it’s lack of willpower on my part but I did find the aligners quite hard to get used to.

Discovering that I had a reckless attitude towards aligners is another reason why I am pleased that I chose to have lingual treatment on my upper teeth. Yes, the braces took some getting used to but because they were fixed to the back of my teeth, I had little choice but to get used to them and after just one to two months in, I even started to forget that they were there.

Before I got braces, I remember worrying a lot about what I would eat but later found that this was only an issue for the first few days. During this time, I ate as much soft food as I could. It was also quite easy to be creative with food choices. (See an earlier post for some ideas!) By the second week, with just a little more care, I was eating whatever I wanted.

Both systems have played their part in creating my ‘new smile’. In some ways, having my teeth straightened has been a journey, I no longer hide behind a hand when I laugh or cringe at the size of my gap in pictures. In others way, it’s been an easy ride. Being able to see the gap in my teeth closing has been really exciting and I can’t believe that it won’t be long until the braces come off. What I’ve learnt so far is that with a good orthodontist and the right treatment, the positive side of lingual braces far out ways the negative.

You can read Charlotte’s blog here

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