Following my post on my fixed retainers, I thought I would write an update on how I’m getting on with my Essix retainers. It’s been around six months since my braces were removed and as well as fixed retainers, I also received Essix retainers.  Impressions were taken and the retainers were ready a week later. I had asked for two sets as I wanted to keep a spare set somewhere safe should I lose or break the ones I would be using every day. Both sets were different in how they felt to wear and I was surprised how much difference there would be between retainers presumably made within minutes of each other.  One set is much more comfortable than the other mainly due to where the material was formed around my fixed retainers.

I was required to wear the Essix retainers full time for a month removing them only for eating, drinking and brushing my teeth. I did have a bit of a lisp at first but the retainers were quite comfortable so I was able to wear them for long periods of time achieving probably about 20-22 hours wear a day.  After a month, wear time was reduced to 12 hours per day then after three months reduced further to night time only.

The retainers, on occasion, still feel quite tight and on these occasions, I simply take this as an indication that I need to wear them more.  Generally they are very comfortable and I barely know I have them in. Speech has completely returned to normal and I can see no reason why I wouldn’t continue to wear these retainers long into the future. I have previously written about keeping retainers clean and six months on, they are still in good condition with just some minor signs of wear in places.

Overall, my Essix retainers have been easy to adapt to wearing and have been effective in keeping everything in place.