The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) have a feature on their website to help you find an orthodontist. This can be useful when you are either looking for a specific orthodontist that you may have heard about or been recommended to you or to find out about practices in your area.

From their main site at select ‘Find Treatment’ which will take you into a simple search page. From here, you can search for a name or town and after pressing the ‘Find a Treatment’ button, you will get a map showing the location of the practices meeting your search criteria and a list of the orthodontists and their contact details.

I have found this search function really useful but here’s a few things to bear in mind. It helps to increase the results per page from 10 to 30 but if you search in London, for example, will only see the first 30 of a list of 182 results so you will need to scroll through the 7 pages of results. In this instance, it’s worth refining your search criteria and for this you can use the button to select the type of treatment you are looking for. By selecting ‘Lingual Braces’ and ‘Private Adults’, the list was reduced to 57 choices which should make your search just that little bit easier!