Searching on Twitter for #adultbraces reveals a fascinating insight into the world of adult orthodontics. Whilst nowhere near as many posts as #retainers, the posts generally seem to be really positive with many adults excited about the prospect of getting their teeth straightened. Some link back to Instagram photo’s or personal blogs but the majority just have some comment about getting started or nearing the end of treatment. Some adults schedule getting braces to coincide with their their children starting treatment, others have reached a point in their adult life when they reflect on turning down treatment as a teenager realising that they will now have to pay for what might have been offered free before.

A number of dental practices regularly tweet about the services they offer linking back to their own practice blogs and websites. Some use Twitter to announce special offers or to congratulate patients on a great final result. The tweets that seem to have most impact are those where there is a photo of the patient and the orthodontist, both smiling broadly at the end of treatment.

There are also a lot of humorous posts too! Many adults offer a unique insight into life wearing braces through tweeting about their experiences. Some recent ones include; ‘Guess these braces are staying on a bit longer…I’ve only waited 2.5 years…’, ‘I really REALLY wanted them off before I start to grow a bump 🙌🏼👏🏼#happydance’, ‘Well there’s no basicially no hope anymore for the makeup around my mouth’, ‘Let the names begin!’, ‘Dog gave me a bloody lip by turning his head hard into my face.Thankfully braces didn’t break’.

If you are thinking about starting adult orthodontics or already have braces, tweet your thoughts and experiences using #adultbraces and let’s grow the Twitter adult brace wearing community!