The British Orthodontic Society have launched a new guide ‘Better Teeth for Life’ which highlights the positive impact that orthodontic treatment can have on both oral health and emotional wellbeing The guide also provides practical tips on a patient’s role in achieving excellent results.

The guide links in with World Oral Health Day which has been created by the World Federation of Orthodontists and both initiatives coincide with the UK’s National Smile Month run annually by the Oral Health Foundation.

Alison Murray, President of the British Orthodontic Society, says:

“This new BOS Guide demonstrates how life-enhancing orthodontic treatment can be. We know that patients in braces are encouraged to keep their mouths really clean and there is evidence that once treatment has been completed, patients continue to look after their teeth. Orthodontics should be the start of a lifetime of excellent dental health.”

You can download the guide from here