Invisalign have announced that they are now allowing dental practitioners to offer their patients one-week aligner wear instead of the previously recommended two-week changes, allowing shorter treatment time. Previously, the custom-made aligners were always recommended to be changed every two weeks to incrementally move patients’ teeth towards their new position and should your case be assessed as suitable for weekly aligner changes, you could potentially finish your Invisalign treatment in around half the time.

Dr Raman Aulakh, Orthodontic Specialist and an Invisalign provider, say’s: “The improvement in the control of tooth movement, especially with new aligner materials which provide gentle constant force has allowed me to recommend changing aligners weekly with a broad range of patients, even those with complex and challenging cases, and achieve the same clinical outcomes as when changing aligners every two weeks. This, as one can imagine, has greatly benefited my patients who cannot wait to see their new smile.”

From a patient’s perspective, this is something which I’m sure is going to be well received. Orthodontic treatment can take a while depending on the complexity of the movements required and the opportunity to compete treatment more quickly together with some of the other benefits of removable aligners will surely provide prospective patients with even more to think about.

I have contacted Invisalign to ask if any research has been published that reassures patients that faster tooth movement won’t lead to other issues such as greater root resorption and will update the post when I receive a response.