It’s been a good year for apples. Our apple tree is full this year as are many of those in the orchards near our home. Sitting in the garden this afternoon after work I was thinking back to some great advice my orthodontist gave me the day I had my braces fitted, he said “it’s not what you eat but how you eat it”.

This turned out to be some incredibly good advice and really changed the way I approached food during the time I had braces. I had read so many accounts of people putting themselves on restricted diets and avoiding long lists of food that had the potential to damage their braces but for me, my diet changed very little, I just changed the way I ate it.

Fruit that I would usually bite into such as pears and apples were cut up into bite sized manageable pieces, nuts and savoury snacks were eaten slowly and carefully and I started to think about everything I was about to eat which added to the overall enjoyment.

So did this approach work for me? Yes, during the time I had my braces I never once broke a bracket and just as importantly, I continued eating all the foods I previously enjoyed. It’s important that you follow the advice given to you by your orthodontist but by thinking about what and how you are eating, you can enjoy a great varied diet throughout your treatment.