15th May is World Orthodontic Health Day. The aim of the day is to celebrate the health benefits orthodontics can bring to patients. The World Federation of Orthodontists is behind this initiative and chose the date because this is the anniversary of the formation of the WFO in 1995.

The logo was designed by artist Ananth Shankar, who describes it as follows::

At the core of the logo is a wide smile, bright white teeth space within healthy pink gums that have braces on them. These braces represent the kinship between orthodontists and a world that unites when people smile – for this purpose the braces are actually human silhouettes holding hands as “buddy braces”. This symbol of harmony also represents the coming together of a legendary spirit, thus in Olympic colours, signifying people of every race and colour coming together for orthodontic health. 

The smile is within a white circle, the shining world and that itself is within a solid square block, a geometric outline that indicates stability and solid reputation. The font of the logo is classy, tall and modern. These elements are in the colours of the World Federation of Orthodontists – gold and burgundy.  

Image © World Federation of Orthodontists