Invisalign has just announced they have treated their 6-millionth patient so I thought I would take a look at the growth of this innovative product. Invisalign, as a company, started in March 1997 and provided their first aligners to orthodontists in July 1999. With any new product, it takes a while to become established and it took until April 2009 for sales to reach one million patients. In this time, Invisalign had launched a number of new products including Vivera retainers and Invisalign Teen and started marketing their aligners to general dentists keen to expand their portfolio of treatments to include teeth straightening.

It took a further three and a half years before they announced their 2-millionth patient in November 2012. Further new products were added to their line including some short-term orthodontic products. With interest in Invisalign growing, it only took until March 2015 for Invisalign to announce they had started treating their 3-millionth patient. Their 4-millionth patient followed just 18 months later in September 2016 and from a patients perspective, Invisalign was becoming readily available across the UK from both specialist orthodontists and dental practices.

Their 5-millionth patient was announced in November 2017 with their 6-millionth patient following just over a year later in December 2018. With this pace of growth, I’m expecting to see Invisalign announce their 7-millionth patient before the end of 2019 and would not be surprised if this happened somewhere around October or November. In another post, I’ll look at what might be contributing to this phenomenal growth.