Did you see the article on the BBC news website concerning the growth in popularity of adult orthodontics? No? Good, maybe best to move onto the next blog post.

OK, maybe that’s a little harsh but it’s said with good reason, I’m just trying to quietly hide following my contribution to this article. Let me explain. Back in July I received a call from one of the press team at the British Orthodontic Society explaining that a journalist from the BBC was looking for some patients who had orthodontic treatment as adults and wanted to interview them for an upcoming article.

I hastily agreed and some weeks later, received a phone call one morning to ask me questions about my experience and whether I would be happy to share some images of my treatment. We spoke about the reasons for me wanting to get my teeth straightened and my thoughts about the experience as anĀ adult with braces.

A couple of days later the article appeared and during the hours following, I received calls from other journalists and patients wanting to connect. It is quite daunting seeing images of my treatment all over the main BBC news site but I’m also quite proud that I was able to contribute to this story and hopefully inspire others to think about treatment as an adult.

You can read the BBC news story here