I’ve had my fixed retainers for over four years now and thought it about time to write a quick post on how I’m getting on with them. 

For those of you new to my blog, after I finished treatment, I elected to have both fixed and removable retainers. I have retainers fixed to the inside of my top and bottom front six teeth. Firstly, they are still there and are doing a great job keeping my teeth straight. I’ve had no issues with them and nothing has broken in that time. I still check them regularly and haven’t noticed anything amiss with them. 

Fixed retainers take more time to clean around but this is second nature now and my dentist hasn’t noticed any problems with me having them. Flossing around a fixed retainer is a little more challenging but nothing too arduous. 

I still find them a little annoying at times but this is usually late in the day and is quickly cured by wearing my removable retainers. Although I’m confident my fixed retainers will keep my teeth straight for many years to come, I’m taking no chances and still wear my removable retainers most nights.

Overall, I’m delighted I got fixed retainers and can’t see any reason why I would discontinue with them.