I’ve been working with Dr Aoibh Wall for a while helping her to devise a survey for adult patients who are thinking about orthodontic treatment, are in treatment or have completed treatment. I would be very grateful if you could please take a few minutes and complete her survey. 


I am Dr. Aoibheann Wall, an NHS trainee Orthodontist working at a dental hospital in London. As part of my training, I am doing some research into adults who get braces and we have been working with Neil from ukadultbraces to finalise and share the survey. The research title is “Decision Making in Adult Orthodontics” and the study has ethical approval from the UCL Research Ethics Committee (REC).

I would greatly appreciate your support with my research project. We feel that this study is important to help improve the outcomes of orthodontic treatment for both dentists and patients.

The aims of the research project are to better understand:
– the motivation of adult patients pursuing orthodontic treatment
– what sources adult patients use to discover information about orthodontic treatment
– what factors influence adult patients’ decisions to proceed with treatment

By better understanding these topics, it will enable dentists to provide appropriate information at the right time for the patient. In addition, it should help ensure patients better understand their options, and therefore make more informed decisions.

To take part, please click on this link and you will be redirected to the survey. It should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Also, there is a prize draw at the end of the survey! Simply complete the survey and provide a contact email address to be entered into the draw.

Thank you for your time and we really appreciate your support with this research project.

Many thanks,
Research Team:
Dr Aoibheann Wall, Professor Susan Cunningham (s.cunningham@ucl.ac.uk), Principal Investigator, Dr Fiona Ryan, Mr Neil Hillyard