Influencer Marketing

Over the years of writing this blog and engaging with my readers, I have learned much about the patient experience and what motivates people to start treatment. If you would like me to help you with your patient engagement ativities, I would be delighted to hear from you

The story of my blog


I started writing about my orthodontic treatment on a braces forum and quickly attracted a large number of readers keen to find out more about my experiences. Following some kind comments about the way many people found my personal blog inspirational, in late 2015 I decided to start ukadultbraces to explore the wider topic of adult orthodontics. The blog quickly grew in popularity and filled a void for impartial information about adult orthodontic treatment. With around half a million hits to the website and 70K visitors per year, my blog has proved to be popular with both patients and clinical staff alike.

The blog has been called ‘influential’ by a number of people due to the reach it has and the impartial nature of the content which seeks to educate and inform those thinking about orthodontic treatment. I have worked with the British Orthodontic Society on a number of projects and campaigns and was one of the founder members of their ‘patient panel’ alongside Prof. Tim Newton and Anna Lambert.

Through writing this blog, researching and speaking with many people involved in orthodontics and most importantly, connecting with other patients, I have acquired a detailed understanding of how best to engage with patients and to provide an orthodontic experience which will bring long-lasting benefits to both the patient and the practice.

I am keen to work with practices and can use my expertise and experience to support social media campaigns, influencer marketing opportunities, content creation, and improved patient engagement activities. If you would like to work with me, I would be delighted to hear from you.

How I can help you

Social media

Social media is a quick, cost effective and easy way to reach new patients and to better engage with your existing patients. Sadly, many practices do not have the time or expertise to take advantage of the potential these channels provide. I can manage and populate your channels for you and can work with your in-practice team to improve your content to enable you to attract more patients.

Practice Reviews

If you would like me to write a review of your practice I would be delighted to spend some time with you to learn about what you offer, your team and what you can do for adult patients. Patients can be apprehensive about making the first step to seeking treatment and practice reviews can provide reassurance and encourage them to make an enquiry.

Content creation

If your existing website, social media or blog posts do not provide the benefits you are looking for, I can work with you to provide interesting and engaging content that your patients will enjoy reading. I have a good insight into what content works well and how to best engage with patients and attract new patients to your practice.

Product reviews

If you have an innovative product that you would like reviewed, I would be delighted to do this for you. The review will be focussed on the benefits the product provides to adult orthodontic patients. Examples include oral health products, patient packs, patient focussed orthodontic literature, books and publications.

Working with bloggers

Whilst advertising can raise awareness, the decision to purchase is now more likely to happen as a result influencer marketing activities. If you are keen to work with people who have the ability to promote your practice and orthodontic treatments to others, I can help you to create the opportunities and to manage the process and content creation ensuring your objectives are achieved.

Staff training

Through interactions with my readers, visits to orthodontic practices and working with people in dentistry, I have acquired a good knowledge of the patient experience and how practices can change what they do to attract more patients. I am a skilled presenter and facilitator and can run training sessions and workshops for your team on a number of patient engagement related topics.

I look forward to working with you